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We want your retail business to profit from our knowledge…

Who are Numensa?

We are a boutique agency, run by leading experts in the retail industry, specialising in retail consulting, business transformation, change management and training.

Who we work with?

We have worked with some of the top brands in the retail space, from Myer, Freedom, Target and Kmart, to Sussan, Spotlight and Rebel Sport. Our clients range from individuals looking to increase their skills for career development to independent or large retailers and merchandise teams.


Our mission:

To be the leading provider of outstanding retail best practice consultancy and training solutions across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

We aim to elevate the Buying and Planning training standards, increasing opportunities for homegrown talent…

What we do?



We work closely with retailers, buying departments and their teams to first assess the challenges your business faces, understand the problems you have and use our practical industry knowledge to formulate and implement the solutions needed to improve the profitability and success of your business and team.


From our years of global retail experience and intimate understanding of retail best practice, we have developed training programs to take your teams to the level of skill and motivation your business needs to achieve a competitive advantage.  We can also develop bespoke courses in your language to support your change journey.


We know the demands of the industry so we created our online Retail Academy so you and your staff can access top-quality, relevant and industry-leading education on Buying and Merchandise Planning, Retail Finances, Negotiation Skills and more.  Our online courses are engaging, sticky and can be undertaken anywhere at anytime.

Why work with us?

We are merchants first and foremost, with a team who have extensive local and international experience. Our team understand the market, know your business and speak your language. We have a commercial drive and blend this with a strategic, collaborative approach to understand your needs, challenge your thinking and provide clear direction to embrace and embed new ways of working.

If you want to implement strategic processes to support growth, build a highly skilled and motivated team and achieve success in the retail industry – we want to work with you.

Merchandise management

We value…


We have built a reputation for excellence in the retail industry, cultivating a high-calibre team who are driven to share their global knowledge and impact change.


We are committed to encouraging ideas and fostering a creative approach to challenges – both within our team and with every client we work with.


It takes courage to try new methods, be open to change and to meet problems head-on – but we believe that it’s the only way for a business to grow.


To build a successful business and inspire a team to succeed it takes passion, collaboration and teamwork – all tackled with genuine enthusiasm!



Numensa endeavours to communicate with integrity, transparency and honesty in all our dealings; from individual client to multinational business.

What we bring…

The Numensa team come from a diverse range of backgrounds, but all share a common goal, to add value and make a difference to our client’s businesses.  They have a wealth of global experience and whilst they all now call Australia home, they have lived and worked in most parts of the world including UK, USA, Hong Kong, South Africa, South America, Canada and of course Australia.


Beverley Chambers

Beverley Chambers

Beverley is our founder and MD.  Originally from the UK and with over 30 years retailing experience, she brings an exceptional creativity to the team with a background in fashion buying.

Beverley loves: colour, Earl Grey tea, doing something new.

She avoids: early mornings and sport.

Core values: Courage and Enthusiasm

Jade Hindle

Jade Hindle

Jade hails from the UK where she developed her strong capabilities in merchandise planning.  Jade is an attention-to-detail person and a self-confessed excel whizz.

Jade loves: yoga, excel spreadsheets and karoke.

She avoids: AFL and McDonalds.

Core values: Expertise and Innovation

Ralph Behnke

Ralph Behnke

With a career spanning over 25 years, Ralph is an experienced transformation director, portfolio lead and digital strategy consultant.

Ralph loves: his family and Ibiza

He avoids: the British Winter

Core values: Creativity and Innovation

Martin Jamoa

Martin Jamoa

Martin’s career spans 25 years in mostly men’s fashion retail, having led many successful teams. His humour shines through whenever he facilitates.

Martin loves: swimming, cycling and overseas travel

He avoids: cold climates and ironing

Core values: Courage and Innovation

Richard Bycroft

Richard Bycroft

Richard is the team’s expert in strategy, finance and category management. His extensive experience was gained in leading global retail brands in the US, UK and Australia.

Richard loves: Cycling, Surfing and Sheffield Wednesday

He avoids: Unhealthy food

Core values: Expertise and Enthusiasm

Mariana Espinel

Mariana Espinel

A Colombian by birth, Mariana is our admin guru who keeps us all on track.  She takes to technology like the proverbial duck to water and is a self-taught coder.

Mariana loves: chocolate, dancing and hot climates

She avoids: Winter, and admitting to liking reality TV.

Core values: Innovation and Honesty

What our clients say about us?

It is great working with Numensa on buying and planning development initiatives.  Beverley’s energy, passion and credibility in these fields make it easy for us to hone in on the learning needs specific to strategic goals and deliver outcomes that can directly impact thought processes and practices.

Linda Chiodo

Head of L&D, Pepkor

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