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Internship Program

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Get careers advice and join our internship program..

Got the quals, but no experience?  When it comes to landing that all important first job out of uni, it’s the same old story.  There’s plenty of jobs around, but everyone is looking for experience.  So how do you get experience if you’ve just graduated from uni?  Well, joining our internship program on a paid or unpaid internship with one of our internship partners will give you that all-important experience to land your first role.

Here’s how it works…

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Firstly, book yourself in for a free careers consultation with one of our career consultants.  We will advise you which program is suitable for you based on your career goals..

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Following the careers consult, simply apply for either the standard or premium internship package and pay the relevant fee.  This is the start of your career journey with us.

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We will then work with you to develop your CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and personal brand.  We will also link you with a suitable intern partner and prepare you for interviews.

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Once you have been offered and accepted an internshp, you pay the internship fee.  All our internships are guided, ensuring you gain the most relevant experience possible.

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At the end of your internship, you will be ready to launch your career and will have access to our exclusive Jobs Board.  Our network of retailers is extensive.

Internships available in:

Melbourne  Ι Sydney Ι Brisbane Ι Gold Coast

Book in a FREE careers consult.

Why choose us?

Specialists in our field

We are experts in the retail and consumer product industries, and have been consulting to and training teams working in these fields for over a decade.  So, we fully understand what these roles entail and what employers are looking for.

Personal service

We are not handling thousands of graduates per year, so you are not just a number to us.  It’s our mission to make a real difference to the careers of the students or graduates with which we work.

Our network

Having worked with some of the biggest retail brands in Australia, our network in this area is extensive.  Our clients turn to us when looking to fill internships or graduate job roles.


All our consultants have decades of experience in their specialist field, be it talent acquisition and HR, retail buying, merchandise planning or working in consumer product arears.  We put all that knowledge into helping you launch your career.

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Book in a FREE careers consult.

What kind of internships do we offer?

All our host companies are either retailers or consumer product businesses.  They span different industry sectors including, beauty, fashion, furniture & home, food & grocery, liquor, hard goods & electrical, and DIY.  An internship with one of our host companies will give you hands-on experience in a fast-paced ever changing environment.

Merchandise Planning


The merchandise planning team are responsible for increasing the profitability of their department or category through the careful managment of inventory levels, stockturn and GMROI.  An internship with the planning team will…

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Retail  Buying


Work alongside the retail buying team and learn what it takes to become a retail buyer.  From product selection, negotiating with suppliers, sourcing new products and collaborating with internal stakeholders, interning in a retail buying office is…

Marketing Assistant


An internship in the marketing department of a retailer or consumer product company is both exciting and varied.  You could find yourself preparing for a fashion shoot, analysing the success of a campaign or in meetings with the ad agency…

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Social Media Marketing


For retailers the use of social media to build a company’s brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic has become increasingly important in recent years.  As part of the marketing team you will have the opportunity to develop your skills and learn…

Design Assistant


An internship in the design & product development department of a retailer will help you hone your commercial design skills and learn how ideas go from sketch to manufactured products selling in stores and online…

Fashion Design Assistant Numensa Internship Program
Numensa Internship Program Production Assistant

Production /QA Assistant


The role of the production department/ quality assurance and product technology is key to ensuring that products are manufactured to the right specification and adhere to Australian standards…

Human Resources


Being part of the People & Culture department of an iconic Australian retailer or consumer brand will give you all round insights into this crucial function.  During the HR internship you will spend time across three different rotations… 

human resources internship program

Companies we work with…