Frequently Asked Questions

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What kinds of companies are the internships with?

All of our internships are with retailers or consumer product companies across a range of industries and market sectors, from liquor to furniture and from fashion to DIY.

Can I choose the type of company I want to intern with?

Absolutely!  If your interest is in fashion, or you would prefer to work in FMCG, then we will find a host company that meets your needs.

Can you do an internship whilst studying in Australia?

Yes, as long as you have 2 to 3 days per week available for 12 weeks, you can complete an internship whilst still at uni.

Are internships paid or unpaid?

Most internships are unpaid, and are viewed as primarily a learning opportunity for the intern.  Some host companies may offer a daily allowance to cover lunch and travel.

However, an unpaid internship is still as valuable as a paid internship in terms of the experience it will give you.

What's the difference between the standard and premium internship program?

The differences lie solely in the preparation stage of the program.  The standard package is more of a ‘do it with you’ where we guide you and assist you to create a compelling CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

The premium package is more of a ‘do it for you’, where we write the CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile for you.  Additionally in the premium package, you get a one-to-one mock interview and feedback with one of our recruitment experts.

When are the fees payable for the internship program?

Fees for the preparation stage of the program are payable prior to our careers team assisting you with your resume etc. 

However, we only charge the placement fee once you have been offered and accepted an internship.  Fees must be paid for the internship within 2 business days of accepting the placement.

Can I claim university credit points for completing an internship?

Yes, many university courses allow you to claim credit points for internships that are directly related to your course.  You may have to complete a project and presentation, and of course cover the required amount of internship hours.

But once your internship is approved by your university, you can claim credit points.

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