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Understanding Retail: Jargon Buster and Key Retail Calculations

An understanding of how to perform key retail calculations and the terminology and jargon used by retailers is fundamental within any commercial role, yet this is often the area in which people are least willing to ask for help as they fear exposing a lack of knowledge.

This useful online course companion consists of a series of 14 short videos explaining the key calculations and a searchable jargon buster containing over 300 terms and abbreviations. It delivers pre-requisite knowledge essential to commercial decision making within a retail business.

What you will learn

  • How to perform key retail calculations
  • Commonly used retail commercial terms

Modules in more detail

Rate of sale

Sell through

WSSI (Weekly sales stock and intake)

OTB (Open to buy)

Permanent markdowns

Promotional markdowns

Forward cover

Flat or spot cover

LFL (Like for like)

Stock turn

BTA (Balance to achieve)

Intake margin

Selling margin

Sales density

Who is this course for

The aim of this course is to give those new to the retail industry valuable insights and an awareness of the critical decisions, tasks and activities undertaken by retail commercial teams. This course brings to life the retail product lifecycle and explains how retailers think, adapt and deliver results.

This course is suitable for anyone new to working in a retail support office whether in the merchandise management area, supply chain, marketing, or the retail operations function.

$200.00 $150.00 excl GST

Unsure if a course is right for you...

If you are uncertain whether a course is at the right level for you, then take an assessment through the Numensa Assessment Centre.  We have six different assessments, three for buying and three for planning.

  • Entry – for anyone new to retail or working in a buyer’s admin or allocator level
  • Intermediate – for anyone working at the assistant/junior buyer/planner level
  • Advanced – for anyone working at a buyer/planner or senior buyer/planner level

At a glance...

  • Ten online modules
  • Total learning time = 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Works across PC, tablet and phone
  • Full audio voiceover
  • Video format
  • Practical application of best practice
  • Full access for 6 months
  • Developed by retail buying & planning professionals
  • Digital certificate on completion

Understanding Retail: The Retail Product Cycle

This series of ten video-based online modules is packed with information on the tools, techniques and processes that retailers use to help them interpret and deliver their strategies and present their offer.  The modules give…

$400.00 $300.00 excl GST

Buy Both Understanding Retail Courses And SAVE $50

UR: Calcs & Jargon is the partner course to UR: The Retail Product Cycle – purchase both courses together and save $50 on the price.

$400.00 excl GST

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