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Providing internships for recent graduates is an increasingly important tool in the recruitment of talent.

Finding that talent through the Numensa Internship Program streamlines the process and makes it seamless.

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What is the Numensa Internship Program?


Aimed at companies in the retail and consumer product sectors, be it grocery, liquor, beauty, fashion, furniture, DIY or home, we match recent university graduates and current students with potential host companies for a 12-week internship.

We screen candidates, set up interviews and organise insurance and start dates.  And we are on hand throughout their internship to supervise their progress.


How much does it cost?


It’s completely free to host companies, and if you decide to offer the intern a full-time position at the end of their internship, there is no charge!

Internships can be paid or unpaid.  Some host companies will offer a small travel/lunch allowance.


Why should we get involved?


There are a number of great reasons to get invovled with the Numensa Internship Program.  Firstly and foremost, because we understand retail and consumer product markets.  We know the types of attributes that a person needs to be successful and we have an extensive network from which to draw.

We also know that graduates struggle to land their first role out of university, because they lack that all important experience.  Providing a 12-week internship gives them this experience, whilst simultaneously feeding your talent pipeline.

Your current team members also gain experience in managing and training others, developing their people management skills.

And lastly, todays graduates are tomorrows leaders!



Which business areas do you provide interns for?


We are launching this program with a view to providing internships in the following areas:

  • Retail or Product Marketing
  • Retail Buying and Merchandise Planning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Designer – fashion or home
  • Production or QA
  • HR
  • IT or Data Engineering


How does it work?


What we have seen by having an intern come into the team is that our team members are really excited to provide training but they actually said they were learning just as much from her as she was from them…

Emma Miller

Director Global Talent Management, Boardriders

Internship brief

Simply complete the internship briefing form online, stating which roles and areas you are seeking intern for.

Resumes and interviews

We match your needs to our interns and send you CV’s and arrange interviews.

Confirmation of Internee

Once you have offered an internship, we organise insurance and start date.

Ongoing Support

Our involvement doesn’t end there.  We provide support and assistance to both the host and intern thoughout the internship.

Long Term Partnership

We will provide ongoing internship candidates to you at no fee to you and should you decide to offer a permanent role to the intern at the end of the intership, there is absolutley no charge.

For more information contact Beverley on 1300 969 560

Or simply fill in the internship briefing form by clicking on the link below: