Negotiation is a daunting process and ensuring a successful outcome to a win-win negotiation takes knowledge, skills and experience.  

This program will furnish participants with an understanding of the theoretical constraints and accelerators within this process, as well as the acumen and confidence to deliver enhanced results.

Course Modules

  1. Theory of Effective Negotiation
  2. Why Negotiations Go Wrong
  3. Understanding Negotiation Dynamics
  4. Understanding Your Negotiation Style
  5. Negotiating Across Cultures

This course is suitable for those people with little or no experience of negotiation.

It is also suitable for those people who have a moderate amount of experience, but are looking to refresh their skills and knowledge.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the theories and stages of negotiation 
  • Recognize the importance of research and planning in the negotiation process
  • Develop strategies and tactics for key suppliers prior to negotiations
  • Identify the psychological traps and games played in negotiations 
  • Determine your own negotiating style and that of others
  • Recognize cultural differences and the possible impact they have on negotiations 
  • Evaluate your own negotiation performance and determine areas for improvement

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