Introduction to Negotiation Skills

$550.00 excl GST


Acquire the core skills required to negotiate with success in this one-day workshop facilitated by two experienced buying professionals who share insight, tips and techniques. This course will help you to plan, prepare and execute negotiations more effectively. A retail case study provides the opportunity to practise before receiving feedback and expert advice. You will receive a personal TKI conflict profile which details your preferred conflict style and helps develop agility across all styles.


What you will learn

  • What negotiation is and why it is important
  • How to set objectives before a negotiation
  • Why conflict occurs and how to respond to it
  • How to use a framework to plan, conduct and conclude negotiations
  • Tangible actions that support effective negotiations

Modules in more detail

  1. An introduction to negotiation – what negotiation is and how it relates to cost management in a product-based business. Which levers impact costs positively and negatively and which you can influence
  2. Negotiation objectives – establish business needs and translate these to specific negotiation outcomes
  3. Conflict within negotiation – identify why conflict occurs, how different people respond and how this influences results and relationships. Develop self-awareness of personal conflict styles and strategies to optimise this
  4. A six-step negotiation framework – apply structure to a negotiation to increase successful outcomes
  5. Case study and practice – opportunity to try out new techniques and styles and obtain feedback from expert facilitators