Jade is a Senior Consultant at Numensa, specialising in Merchandise Planning. Apart from being is a self-confessed excel nerd, we ask her a few questions to find out more…


How did you get into Merchandise Planning? 

I’ve been a fan of clothes and shopping since a child. I discovered my love for retail at 16, when I started a part-time job at a large sports shop in the UK.  While I was at university I knew I wanted to do something in the retail/business field. I discovered Merchandise Planning at a careers in retail fair in London and knew straight away it was what I wanted to do.

How do you think your new position at Numensa will vary from a traditional Merchandise Planning role? 

Numensa specialises in training and consulting, my role will involve building courses, understanding the needs of the client and providing solutions to unlocking the potentials of others.

Traditional  Merchandise Planning involves problem solving, number crunching, developing strategy and manipulating data, I will use these skills to bring courses to life and develop new material.  As a planner I used excel 90% of the time, I suspect I will become familiar with other programs in my new role, although excel will always be my favourite.

What made you decide to move to Australia from the UK?

I moved to Australia in 2012.  At the time I had lived in London for 5 years and was looking for a change from the big city, I love to travel and had visited Australia in my early 20’s.  What initially started as a 2 year change of scenery, turned into a life changing love affair.  I love Australia and the life we have built here.

What are you most passionate about in terms of the retail industry?

I’m definitely most passionate about developing strategy.  The retail industry is continuously changing, the need to problem solve and develop robust strategies is extremely high.  Developing a customer focused strategy within a team and seeing it pay off is a great feeling.


What is a retail company that inspires you?

There are a number of companies that I feel are doing great things to inspire their customers. The customer is at the heart of what we do, businesses who are developing new technologies or new processes to create a new shopping experience I find very inspiring.

Seafolly for instance launched magic mirrors last week using radio frequency technology, allows them to check stock in 5 mins and suggest products to their customers.  I worked for The Iconic for 4 years, they continue to inspire me and I’ve proud to have been part of the team.

Outside of retail, what do you love to do?

There are 4 things that I love to fit in my life wherever possible coffee, brunch, nature and yoga.

I trained as a yoga teacher in 2016 and would recommend yoga to everyone.  It’s not just the practice that I think is so beneficial for people but what you learn about yourself.


Any quote or saying you live your life by?

I don’t have a quote or saying to speak of.  I like to keep it simple and remember to find joy, be fearless, find purpose, be open.  Overall I like to work hard and be grateful for what I have.