Creating a Strategy

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This series of five online modules underpins an understanding of the development of creating a robust strategy which meets the needs of the customer, and delivers the goals of the business. This critical step starts the whole process of the retail cycle and everybody from junior team members upwards needs to understand why and how retailers create their strategy.


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What you will learn

  • The definition of a strategy and the benefits of developing one
  • Which roles contribute to a strategy, and how they contribute
  • What is used to inform a departmental strategy
  • How to interpret and evaluate the output of your strategy to develop targets and goals

Modules in more detail

  1. Introducing a business strategy – what is a strategy, why do we need one and how it is used?
  2. The customer – ensuring that the customer is at the heart of all of your decisions
  3. Internal influences – how to review and interpret learnings from past performance to shape future strategy
  4. External influences – how to manage the impact that forces beyond your control can have on your strategy
  5. Developing a department strategy – using the SWOT tool to inform strategic actions for the future