In-season Management

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This series of five online modules is an introduction to in-season forecasting and how trading decisions and actions can optimise departmental performance. A WSSI is a key in-season management tool, and best practice in using this is shared along with considerations, tips and techniques that support proactive and reactive ways to optimise departmental performance.


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What you will learn

  • Why retailers re-forecast sales in-season
  • The techniques retailers use to forecast
  • The impact of forecasting for over and under performance
  • How you can manage end-of-season sales and stock to safeguard profit

Modules in more detail

  1. What is in-season management? – an introduction to in-season management and why and how retailers forecast
  2. The WSSI as an evaluation tool – how the WSSI is used as a tool to evaluate in-season performance
  3. The WSSI as a forecasting tool – the different forecasting techniques and how to use the WSSI to re-forecast in-season
  4. Taking action – tangible in-season management actions and how these might differ at various points and for over and under performance situations
  5. Managing end of season product – managing terminal stock and seasonal product to maximise profit