Supplier Management

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This series of five online modules helps you to build and maintain strong supplier relationships that underpin commercial success. From understanding how to group and evaluate suppliers, through to effective communication strategies and exiting with purpose and professionalism, these modules make light work of managing suppliers to achieve business goals.


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What you will learn

  • The benefits of strong supplier relationships
  • How to group suppliers to support better decision making
  • How to assess supplier performance
  • Best practice methods of supplier communication and review
  • How to manage problems with suppliers and exit a relationship professionally

Modules in more detail

  1. What makes a successful supplier relationship – how this benefits you and your business
  2. Grouping suppliers – why and how we group and measure suppliers and which activities support this
  3. Long-term supplier relationships – how to build strong supplier relationships using communication and meeting management skills
  4. New suppliers – how to find new suppliers, evaluate their risk and  prepare to do business together
  5. Exiting a supplier relationship – use a robust process for managing difficult conversations and exiting relationships professionally